Why evergreen?

Integrity - Reliability - Experience

Your life insurance policy is an important asset. Like your house, like your car, that asset may have significant value. However, with life insurance, that value is often hidden and help is often needed to unlock it.That’s where Evergreen Settlements can help.

Life Insurance is a complex asset and the value of a policy is affected by a wide range of variables. The buyers are represented by a team of analysts and years of experience to help them purchase policies at a price that is attractive to them. Evergreen represents you.

As an authority on policy evaluation and Life Settlements, Evergreen has educated thousands of advisors, fiduciaries and institutions in forums across the United States. Expert in both the primary and secondary markets for life insurance, Evergreen’s knowledge of insurance and the secondary market for it, translates into better results for all parties we represent.

We are dedicated to the principle of treating each policy as though it belongs to a family member. That client first philosophy has expanded into everything we do. If you are looking for a partner, someone to put you first, welcome to the Evergreen family.

Our goal is simple: To obtain the highest possible offer for your policy while exceeding your expectations for professionalism and service.

  • Experience - The Evergreen team has a combined 40 years of market experience and has helped thousands of policy owners close more than $10 billion dollars of secondary market transactions. Our unparalleled experience and knowledge makes us the ideal choice to help you unlock the value of your policy.
  • Professionalism and Service – We strive to treat our clients as if they were one of our own family. We know how valuable this asset may be to you and as a we know how important our role is. A life settlement can be a complex transaction. You deserve thoughtful communication and service so you know how, why and when things will get done.
  • Process – From pre-qualification through to the sale of the policy, Evergreen's process is designed to be efficient and expedient while delivering top tier results and top quality service. Our long history in the market and vast buyer relationships help us to quickly identify the best way to secure the top value for policy owners. And, our market tenure provides us with the experience to anticipate each step of the closing process so the seller receives their payment faster.
  • Results – Evergreen delivers top tier results with professionalism and service that exceed expectations. Advisors, fiduciaries and financial firms across the United States put their faith in Evergreen. It’s not just the efficient and transparent manner in which we can secure outstanding results for policy owners, but the way we go about doing it. Trust our process, respect our professionalism and benefit from the results.

In order to find out if your policy is likely to qualify, please complete the following form. If you prefer to speak to someone right away or have additional questions, please call us at 877-778-7991. We can also be reached via email at contact@evergreensettlements.com.