What are funds used for?

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Cash that you may receive for your policy can be used how you see best see fit. Many policy owners are using the funds they receive to tend to more pressing lifestyle needs. Long term care costs, health care costs and even retirement costs, which are often burdensome and unmanageable, can be offset through the sale of a policy.

Policies that once were inexpensive have underperformed and, in many cases, premiums have now become unmanageable . Often a life settlement is the best option to help recoup lost premiums.

With a recent study showing that policy owners receive on average 5 times their cash value in a life settlement transaction, whether you need money, or just no longer need your insurance coverage, a life settlement may be the right solution (1).

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  • Long Term Care - With nursing homes and assisted living facility costs rising, many seniors are faced with having to make decisions about the level of care they can afford. The sale of a life insurance policy, may help provide for the quality of care you want and deserve.
  • Health Care Costs - The cost of care can be significant and, in some cases, long lasting. Policy owners who sell their insurance policies are often able to benefit by using the proceeds to pay for care that’s needed.
  • Cost of Living - It’s no secret that things cost more today and the economy hasn’t been helping. Often times, the sale of a life insurance policy can offer the breathing room you need to get through the tough times.
  • Premium Recovery - Many Universal Life policies were sold with the expectation interest rates were going to be higher. Premiums have more than doubled in some cases and policyowners are being forced to surrender. A Life Settlement can help recover lost premiums and put cash back in your bank account.
  • (1) Life Insurance Settlement Association Annual Market Data (2023)