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Welcome to Evergreen Settlements!

Our knowledge of the secondary market for life insurance translates into superior results for all those we represent.

We are dedicated to the principle of treating each policy as though it belongs to a family member. That client first philosophy is woven into everything we do. If you are looking for a partner, someone to put you first, welcome to Evergreen.

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Success Stories

A term policy, that was too expensive to keep, was about to be lapsed. Our process helped the policy owner uncover value where none was thought to exist anymore.

Insured| Male age 75

Policy Type| Term

Face Amount| $250,000

Cash Surrender Value| $0

The Policy was sold for $55,000

This policy owner purchased a term policy for the income protection it provided. As the need for the coverage diminished ands the conversion deadline approached, he was advised to have the policy evaluated. He wasn't able to pay the increasing premium to maintain the policy or to convert it. Rather than allow the policy to lapse and receive nothing in return, he chose to sell the policy and use the funds to enhance his retirement.

Estate planning needs had changed, leaving a family trust with excess insurance. Working with Evergreen, they were able to sell their policy for more than 20x it's surrender value.

Insured| Male age 90

Policy Type| Survivor Universal Life

Face Amount| $2,000,000

Cash Surrender Value| $54,000

The Policy was sold for $1,100,000

The grantor, of this policy had funded premiums for almost 25 years to provide additional liquidity for his family and to balance his estate. As the family needs had changed, his CPA suggested having the policy appraised so they understood all of their options. They no longer had the same estate tax issues, and other planning was properly in place. They were able to distribute the proceeds of the sale and continue to gift, what would have been, premium dollars.

A policy owner could no longer keep up with the rising premiums of his universal life insurance policy and feared it would lapse. We were able to help him sell the policy for more than $160,000 above the surrender value.

Insured| Male age 77

Policy Type| Universal Life

Face Amount| $730,000

Cash Surrender Value| $29,000

The Policy was sold for $187,500

This policy owner purchased his UL policy in 2001 for estate planning purposes. After selling his business, the need for the policy had changed. The premiums were increasing, and the policy had a loan that made it even more difficult to maintain. After a few years of minimally funding the contract, the policy owner decided it was time to let go. Selling the policy not only relieved him of the loan and the burden of the premium but it also allowed him address more pressing financial needs.

A healthy 75 year old female was the insured on an underperforming, trust-owned universal life policy that was being considered for a surrender. Evergreen's efforts yielded a significantly more attractive exit strategy.

Insured| Female age 75

Policy Type| Universal Life

Face Amount| $1,344,000

Cash Surrender Value| $110,000

The Policy was sold for $217,000

A recent review was projecting the premiums to be too expensive for the insured's trust to maintain. As a result, the insured and her daughter, the trustee, were discussing surrendering the policy. With her health similar to when the policy was issued at preferred rates in 2001, they didn't think a Life Settlement was an option. After being advised to have the policy appraised before making any final decisions, they were excited to find the policy's market value was far in excess of the surrender value.