Who qualifies?

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  • Age: 65+ is a great start. A majority of the market transactions occur on senior insureds. More important than age however, is a life expectancy of less than 20 years.
  • Health: A change in health since the policy was issued is usually the most impactful factor to the value of a policy. Typically, the shorter someone’s the life expectancy, the greater their policy’s value. However, in today’s expanded marketplace, even healthy insureds over 75 are being sought by certain buyers.
  • Face amount: From as low as $50,000 and up. The diverse appetites of buyers have created competitive buying niches. Aggressive capital can now be found in abundance for small and large face policies. The average policy size purchased is over $1M (1).
  • Policy Type: Universal life, term and whole life policies, including survivorships, can be sold by policy owners. Current assumption and GUL products currently account for the bulk of policies sold. Term policies, that are still convertible, offer win win scenarios for agents and policy owners alike.

In order to find out if your policy is likely to qualify, please complete the following form. If you prefer to speak to someone right away or have additional questions, please call us at 877-778-7991. We can also be reached via email at contact@evergreensettlements.com.

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